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Tire Advantage Calculator

Try using our Tire Advantage Calculator below!

The Net Driven® Tire Advantage Calculator is a tool to help tire and repair shops compete against large online ecommerce companies. It is common knowledge within our industry that when you consider the lifetime cost of a set of tires, your business offers a better value to the consumer. The Tire Advantage Calculator is a plug-in for your website that helps customers understand this too! This online tool educates customers on the fact that once you add the cost for shipping, installation, rotations, balancing, etc to a set of tires, those "cheap" online tires aren't the great deal they may have thought.

  Their Price Our Price
Price Of Tire $ $
Dismount, Mount, and Balance $34.99 $17.00
Valve Stem/Valve Core Service $2.99 $2.00
Tire Disposal $3.00 $2.00
Installed Price $ $
Number of Tires
Shipping $ FREE
Extended Tire Price $ $
Tire Rotation $19.80 FREE
Mileage Warranty
Rotations During Tire Life
Lifetime Cost of Rotations $ FREE
Total Cost of Ownership $ $
We will save you:

If you would like, please feel free to

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